Opening Times

The train runs from the station at Southport Pleasureland to the station at Marine Parade.  The train operates daily from 11am when the main Pleasureland park is open.  Click here to check our opening days.


Welcome to the oldest continuously running 15-inch gauge railway in the world!

This historic track was built by Mr GV Llewelyn in 1911 and was originally named ‘Llewelyn’s Miniature Railway’. The first steam train ‘King George V’ ran 17th May 1911 at 3pm. The track was sold to Harry Barlow in 1945 when it was renamed ‘Lakeside Miniature Railway’ and the first petrol-driven trains had started running. It is the oldest continuously running 15-inch gauge railway in the world and was sold to John Spencer in 1968, then to Don Clark and Graham Leeming in 2001. It was purchased in 2016 by Norman Wallis, who has now begun to refurbish and improve the track and surroundings, and hopes to create a heritage museum and improved facilities for everyone.

Refreshments & Additional Attractions

As well as our historic railway you will find more to see and do around the Pleasureland station.  Take a spin on our beautiful carousel,  or a slide down the Helter Skelter!  Or have a bite to eat at our Lakeside café serving light refreshments and a selection of hot and cold drinks.